What is special about hair care products for hair extensions?

Brazilian hair extensions offered in NYC are processed after they are harvested. This processing causes the hair to lose its moisture. Even during daily use, given the ambient pollution levels in a major city, the Brazilian hair extensions worn in … Continue reading


Precautions To Be Followed During The Heat Treatment Of Brazilian Weaves Hair Extensions

As a general rule, human hair should not be subjected to excessive heat treatment since this would result in the hair losing its moisture and becoming dry and frizzy. Since Brazilian weaves hair extensions are made from human hair, they … Continue reading


Restoring Lost Shine To Brazilian Hair Extensions Worn In NYC

Due to the inherent air and dust pollution in a big city, Brazilian hair extensions worn in NYC become dull and lose their shine faster despite the best of grooming and maintenance schedules. Even the best quality Brazilian hair extensions … Continue reading


Adding Long Hair Using A Brazilian Hair Treatment

Since Brazilian hair is naturally long and straight or wavy, most Brazilian hair treatments focus on increasing the length of the clients’ coiffure. The reason for the premium commanded by Brazilian hair treatments is due to the extra long size … Continue reading


The Process Of Perming Human Hair Extensions

The process of creating perms or permanent waves in human hair extensions is a two-stage one. The first stage involves preparing the human hair extensions and the natural hair for getting the perm. This includes cleaning grease, dirt, dust and … Continue reading


Protecting Brazilian Weaves Hair Extensions From Getting Bleached And Losing Color

Even under normal everyday conditions, Brazilian weaves hair extensions require regular grooming and maintenance to keep them in pristine condition for their entire lifetime. When they are exposed to especially unusual or stressful conditions, the necessity for care-taking becomes even … Continue reading


Selecting The Right Application Method Is A Trade-Off Between Longevity And Cost

Brazilian weaves hair extensions are used to make your hair look shinier, longer and denser. They can also conceal imperfections and deficiencies in the scalp and natural hair, such as bald spots, ailments and infections. Brazilian weaves hair extensions can … Continue reading


Selecting The Right Stylist For Brazilian Hair Extensions In NYC

The efficacy and effectiveness of good quality Brazilian hair extensions in NYC can be greatly enhanced if they are properly installed and cared for. For this, reason, clients in NYC prefer to get their Brazilian hair extensions installed by experienced … Continue reading


Myriad Applications Of Genuine Human Hair Extensions

No matter how long their natural hair is, very few women can resist the temptation to increase the length of their locks – long hair is always fashionable, be it at the workplace, party or a picnic. This obsession with … Continue reading


Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Salon For Applying Brazilian Weaves Hair Extensions

The increased demand for Brazilian weaves hair extensions coupled with the need for speed, comfort and convenience has given rise to new kits which allow you to install the Brazilian weaves hair extensions by yourself at home with a minimum … Continue reading


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