Which Are The Best Hair Care Products For Aftercare Of A Brazilian Hair Treatment?

Finding the correct hair care products for aftercare of a Brazilian hair treatment is a herculean task because the labels on most of the product do not enlighten customers of the impact of various ingredients in them on the natural … Continue reading


Human Hair Extensions As A Means Of Trying Out New Hair Styles

To find out which hair style is best-suited for you, there are special software applications in the market which give indicative pictures of your looks with various hair styles. Despite this, the look which comes when the human hair extensions … Continue reading


Nutrition Of Natural Hair For Providing Effective Support To Brazilian Weaves Hair Extensions

Some parlors advise clients to go in for special hair extensions after-care products for maintaining their Brazilian weaves hair extensions. These recommendations even include the use of special combs for grooming the Brazilian weaves hair extensions on a daily basis. … Continue reading


Costing Of Brazilian Weaves Hair Extensions

The cost of Brazilian weaves hair extensions depends on a host of factors such as the texture, quality and length of the hair. It also depends on whether the hair constituting the Brazilian weaves hair extensions is Remy or not … Continue reading


Importance Of Sebum In Determining Hair Types

The natural characteristics of human hair are determined by the amount of sebum produced in the sebaceous glands near the scalp. To this is added the impact of various chemical and other treatments and processes undergone by the hair. Heat … Continue reading


Maintenance Of Brazilian Weaves Hair Extensions

Since Brazilian weaves hair extensions are made from natural human hair of Brazilian or Latin American origin, they are mostly wavy or straight. It is rare to come across Brazilian weaves hair extensions made from curly hair. To maximise the … Continue reading


Protecting Brazilian Weaves Hair Extensions When Outdoors

Ideally, Brazilian weaves hair extensions are made from human hair of Brazilian origin. As such, they are susceptible to the same reactions to the external environment as natural human hair. In order to ensure a long life for them, it … Continue reading


Aftercare Of Brazilian Weaves Hair Extensions

You have chosen the best Brazilian weaves hair extensions and applied them for a marvelous and sensational look. After the Brazilian weaves hair extensions have been affixed, you have to plan their maintenance schedule, which not just includes periodic visits … Continue reading


Applying Brazilian Weaves Hair Extensions

Most types of natural hair are capable of supporting Brazilian weaves hair extensions. The color and texture of Brazilian weaves hair extensions selected should which match those of natural hair. Curly black Brazilian weaves hair extensions would look artificial on … Continue reading


How To Save Money On Installation Of Brazilian Weaves Hair Extensions At A Professional Salon?

Brazilian weaves hair extensions are made from natural human hair which is woven with the natural hair, into the scalp. Since they are made out of human hair, these Brazilian weaves hair extensions can withstand hair dryers and hot styling … Continue reading


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