Why Is Brazilian Hair Preferred For Human Hair Extensions?

Due to their fame and image consciousness of users, human hair extensions are now offered in a wide range of sizes, shapes, textures and colours. This range is truly mind-boggling when you go out to get human hair extensions for … Continue reading


Quality Brazilian Weaves Hair Extensions At www.Brzhair.com

The hair offered in our Brazilian weaves hair extensions is inspected for its texture, uniformity of length, body type, direction of the cuticle scales and overall health and is 100% hand-picked human hair. Our quality experts examine the way the … Continue reading


Maintaining The Brazilian Hair Treatment For A Long Life

A Brazilian hair treatment needs to be treated with utmost care to ensure its long life and healthy shine. It is recommended that the hair in the Brazilian hair treatment be washed every 3 days normally and more often if … Continue reading


Elasticity Of Human Hair Extensions

In human hair extensions, elasticity is a measure of the ability of the hair to return to normal after a bout of stretching. Normal human hair extensions, when dry, can be stretched up to 25% of their length. If the … Continue reading


Benefits Of Using Vinegar Solution On Human Hair Extensions

Rinsing human hair extensions in vinegar is effective for maintaining their luster. Human hair contains cuticles on its outer surface. These cuticles are made of overlapping scales. These cuticles are also present in human hair extensions since these are made … Continue reading


How Does Ph Affect Hair Care Products For Human Hair Extensions?

Generally, human hair extensions have a surfeit of free electrons on their surface, which means that they are negatively charged. This factor is taken into consideration by cosmetic companies when designing hair care products for human hair extensions. Since opposite … Continue reading


Overcoming The Impact Of Fading Of Colored Human Hair Extensions

A side effect of dyeing or coloring human hair extensions is the problem of fading, with even the best dyes fading away as time passes. This kind of natural fading results in uneven color shades in the human hair extensions. … Continue reading


Maintaining Longevity Of Human Hair Extensions

Human hair extensions are temporary attachments to the natural hair, affixed for reasons of adding style, color or length to the natural tresses. Despite this, proper care of human hair extensions is a must – firstly, to ensure that they … Continue reading


Means Of Attaching Human Hair Extensions And Their Limitations

Brazilian weaves hair extensions are the most commonly used method for applying human hair extensions. Brazilian weaves hair extensions include the use of tiny hidden braids which hold the hair together. The only drawback in the use of Brazilian weaves … Continue reading


Benefits Of Going In For A Brazilian Hair Treatment

Brazilian hair treatment is a simple means to get hair of desired length and style, immediately. You need not wait for the natural hair to grow to the required length so that you can then trim and style it to … Continue reading


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