Preventing Fungal Infections In Brazilian Hair Treatment

A Brazilian hair treatment should be regularly subjected to a wash. However, drying the hair thoroughly after washing it is equally important. Brazilian hair treatment involves the addition of external human hair extracted from donors of Brazilian or South American … Continue reading


Maintenance And Nutritional Aspects Of Wearing Brazilian Weaves Hair Extensions

In Brazilian weaves hair extensions, human hair harvested from donors of Brazilian origin is woven into the scalp in order to add volume and density to the existing locks. This means that not just the volume, but also the overall … Continue reading


Swelling Damage To Brazilian Weaves Hair Extensions Due To Use Of Chemical Dyes And Bleaches

Brazilian weaves hair extensions are added onto the natural hair for adding length, volume, density, color, shine and bounce to your coiffure. Brazilian weaves hair extensions made from genuine human hair require minimal maintenance and last for even up to … Continue reading


Moisture Content Is The Best Parameter To Gauge Effectiveness Of Hair Care Products For Human Hair Extensions

Human hair extensions can be used to get a change of coiffure. However, in order to give you a useful life, these human hair extensions require proper after care. The difficulty in finding the best hair care products to take … Continue reading


Drawbacks Of Software Applications In Predicting The Look Imparted By Brazilian Hair Extensions

Hair stylists offering Brazilian hair extensions in NYC now make use of hi-tech software applications to help you find out for yourself whether the hair style which you are choosing will suit you or not. These applications are designed to … Continue reading


Promoting Healthy Natural Hair Is A Must For Long-Lasting Brazilian Weaves Hair Extensions

The most preferred method of maintaining the freshness and longevity of Brazilian weaves hair extensions is by having a regular maintenance and grooming schedule and sticking to it through thick and thin. Healthy natural hair also helps in maintaining Brazilian … Continue reading


How To Select Which Brazilian Hair Extensions To Buy In NYC

A full head of Brazilian hair extensions sold in NYC is made of 150-200 strands, each set of about 25 strands forming a bundle. This bundle weighs 0.50 ounce. So, a full head of Brazilian hair extensions in NYC weighs … Continue reading


How The Natural Hair Type Determines The Selection, Treatment And Grooming Of Human Hair Extensions

Human hair gets its characteristics from the nativity of the owner. Based on the nativity, the body produces particular quantity and type of sebum to deal with the environmental factors particular to specific geographical climes. It is this sebum which … Continue reading


Maintenance Regime For Human Hair Extensions

The most preferred human hair extensions are mostly of Brazilian or Indian origin, which are composed of slightly wavy or, sometimes, straight hair. Curly hair is rare in people of these nativities. Given here are a few tips for maintaining … Continue reading


Protecting The Brazilian Hair Treatment From Wear And Tear

A Brazilian hair treatment is generally carried out on human hair. As such, it reacts to the external atmosphere in the same way as natural hair. In order to make the Brazilian hair treatment last longer, it is best to … Continue reading


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