Why do I need to visit the stylist despite regular grooming of human hair extensions?

Even the best human hair extensions need a regular maintenance schedule in order to keep looking their best. This maintenance does not just include regular visits to the stylist for touch-ups and maintenance. It also means that the human hair … Continue reading


Application Of Brazilian Weaves Hair Extensions And Its Cost

Brazilian weaves hair extensions are versatile enough to be supported by all types of natural hair. However, selecting a texture and shade which matches the natural hair allows them to look more aesthetic. Brazilian weaves hair extensions which clash with … Continue reading


Aftercare Of Brazilian Hair Treatment

Brazilian hair treatment deals with natural human hair and very often involves the use of hair dryers and flat irons in order to get the desired style. Human hair extensions are chosen for Brazilian hair treatment precisely to prevent damage … Continue reading


Things To Keep In Mind When Wearing Brazilian Weaves Hair Extensions

Some of the points to be kept in mind when opting for Brazilian weave hair extensions are discussed here. The first and foremost thing is that one should not opt for Brazilian weaves hair extensions which do not suit one’s … Continue reading


Why do professionals prefer human hair extensions?

Human hair extensions are in demand due to increasing fashion consciousness among clients. This demand has resulted in human hair extensions being made in a wider range of mind-boggling sizes, shapes, textures and colors than ever before. To be able … Continue reading


Buying Brazilian Weaves Hair Extensions From Us

Brazilian weaves hair extensions are a boon to those who wish to show off curly or wavy tresses, but do not have the natural hair texture for it. These external hair extensions can be donned to improve the looks of … Continue reading


Precautions During Washing Human Hair Extensions

Human hair extensions last longer than synthetic ones, but this lifespan comes with a caveat. Agreed that they last longer, but for that you must ensure that they are treated properly so that they maintain their quality for longer. A … Continue reading


Steps Involved In Selecting And Applying Brazilian Weaves Hair Extensions

Brazilian weaves hair extensions mixes the benefits of an instant hair weave with added volume, density and luster of Brazilian hair – a combination which works to improve your hair style and personality. The use of Brazilian weaves hair extensions … Continue reading


Things To Keep In Mind When Coloring Human Hair Extensions

Though human hair extensions are largely preferred in natural or close to natural colors by clients, there are a few clients who like to alter the original color of the human hair extensions. One of the advantages of human hair … Continue reading


Quality Testing Of Human Hair Extensions

Since human hair extensions command a premium in the marketplace, their quality issues take special precedence if they wish to retain their market share. Manufacturers are increasingly relying on advanced scientific techniques to maintain and improve the quality of the … Continue reading


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