Impact Of Frizz On Human Hair Extensions And Its Prevention

Natural hair, and human hair extensions which are made from natural hair, are prone to frizz as a result of the humidity present in the atmosphere. Apart from humidity, excess use of chemicals also dries up the cuticles and lifts … Continue reading


Checking Whether The Human Hair Extensions You Buy Are Genuine Or Not

Human hair extensions sell at a premium on account their maintenance and lifespan advantages. This has given rise to spurious claims of manufacturers trying to pass of synthetic hair extensions as original human hair extensions to be able to pocket … Continue reading


Advantages Of Standardizing The Colors Of Human Hair Extensions

The main things to note when selecting human hair extensions are that their texture and color should match that of the natural hair. This will result in the human hair extensions gelling with the natural hair and not look out … Continue reading


Addressing The Issue Of Shedding Of Hair Due To Installation Of Brazilian Weaves Hair Extensions

Hair shedding is one of the common problems faced by people wearing Brazilian weaves hair extensions. Since Brazilian weaves hair extensions are attached on top of the natural hair, sometimes, the natural hair is incapable of supporting the additional weight … Continue reading


Parameters For The Classification Of Human Hair Extensions

The basic pre-requisite of human hair extensions is that they be collected from human donors. Apart from this basic commonality, human hair extensions have a lot of differences depending on their origin, color, texture and also on the method of … Continue reading


Effect Of Different Styles Of Human Hair Extensions On Your Looks

Apart from concealing defects of the hair and scalp, human hair extensions are also used by clients to alter their hair styles, and, consequently, their looks. To highlight the jaw line and lengthen the neck, clients, especially ladies, can go … Continue reading


Points To Be Considered When Applying Brazilian Weaves Hair Extensions

Instead of going in for the time- and effort-consuming rigmarole of weaving the natural hair, Brazilian weaves hair extensions are fast becoming an alternative option for those who wish to install weaves in their hair, but do not have the … Continue reading


Fusion Method For Applying Human Hair Extensions

Human hair extensions are used to get long hair instantly without having to wait for the natural hair to grow to the desired size. While human hair extensions can be installed by any number of methods including the instant clip-on … Continue reading


Addressing The Problems Of Excess Shedding Of Brazilian Weaves Hair Extensions

While Brazilian weaves hair extensions are used to conceal symptoms of hair shedding and premature baldness, sometimes you may be faced with the problem that the Brazilian weaves hair extensions themselves shed hair. One of the ways to prevent this … Continue reading


Human Hair Extensions And The Myth Of Premature Baldness

Loss of hair is a common and frequently embarrassing phenomenon, especially for ladies. But it occurs more often than what is generally imagined. Adding to the pressures of the modern world is the fact that more and more women are … Continue reading


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