Why It Is Important To Buy Brazilian Weaves Hair Extensions From Reputed Suppliers?

Clients opting for Brazilian weaves hair extensions want their locks to look lustrous. To meet this demand for shine, unscrupulous manufacturers coat their Brazilian weaves hair extensions with silicone instead of using good quality healthy human hair, which is more … Continue reading


Selection Of Hair Care Products For Human Hair Extensions Based On Their Surface Charge

Human hair extensions have more free electrons with a negative charge than protons which have a positive charge on their surface. It is also well-known that like charges repel and unlike charges attract. These twin bits of knowledge help in … Continue reading


Tips To Hair Stylists In Dealing With Male Clients Looking For Human Hair Extensions

With the increasing demand for a stylish coiffure, the monopoly of women over human hair extensions is gradually diminishing with more and more male clients also coming forward to don these accessories. Historically, human hair extensions were worn by women … Continue reading


Color Advantage Of Getting Brazilian Hair Treatment From Large Saloons

During a Brazilian hair treatment, dyeing of the human hair extensions is sometimes resorted to. This means that the hair extensions attached through this means of Brazilian hair treatment are prone to fading over a period of time. This process … Continue reading


Adding Brazilian Weaves Hair Extensions Comprising Of Long Hair

Adding long-haired Brazilian weaves hair extensions can be more difficult and expensive, since longer hair is difficult to procure and also to maintain. If the Brazilian weaves hair extensions comprise of long hair, it means that the donor has taken … Continue reading


Alternative Brazilian Hair Treatment Options

The latest Brazilian hair treatment which a large number of clients are opting for is making curly waves in their hair. Lush waves are the exact opposite of severe flat locks. A parting at the side of the crown instead … Continue reading


How To Care For Human Hair Extensions Placed On Oily Or Dry Natural Hair

Even the best human hair extensions can look good only if the natural hair supporting them is healthy and strong. Given this, there are after-care measures which must be followed to see that the human hair extensions maintain their style, … Continue reading


Ensuring A Long Useful Life For Your Brazilian Weaves Hair Extensions

Brazilian weaves hair extensions are short-term measures resorted to, in order to add length, volume, density, color, texture or style to the natural hair-style, or to hide imperfections or defects in the natural hair or scalp. If they are properly … Continue reading


How To Ensure The Longevity Of Human Hair Extensions

Since human hair extensions are made of hair extracted from human donors, their maintenance is almost similar to that for natural hair. The only difference is that although the hair in human hair extensions is human, it has stopped receiving … Continue reading


The Best Way Of Installing Human Hair Extensions

Weaving is the most common means of installing human hair extensions, wherein concealed micro braids hold the human hair extensions in place. However, since the entire weight of the human hair extensions is held up by these braids, their use … Continue reading


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