How A Successful Brazilian Hair Treatment Treats The Cuticles In Human Hair

A Brazilian hair treatment uses hair extensions sifted for their looks and lifespan. For this reason, it predominantly depends on human hair since this kind of hair blends with the natural hair and is indistinguishable, and also because it is … Continue reading


Different Hair Styles Which Can Be Got From Brazilian Hair Extensions In Nyc

Hair stylists dealing with Brazilian hair extensions in NYC recommend these accessories to get the length, style, shape and texture without having to wait for your natural hair to grow to the desired length. The use of Brazilian hair extensions … Continue reading


Care To Be Taken Of Human Hair Extensions When On A Vacation

A vacation involves considerable rigors for your human hair extensions. Firstly, during a vacation, you will not be able to denote sufficient time and energy to grooming the human hair extensions; secondly, the human hair extensions will be subjected to … Continue reading


Selecting The Right Hair Stylist For Your Brazilian Hair Treatment

A proper installation of weaves using a Brazilian hair treatment involves creating a track near the scalp, all around the hair line. The hair extensions are sewn onto this track, with natural hair lying over it and covering it to … Continue reading


Professional Help For Applying Brazilian Weaves Hair Extensions

The style of Brazilian weaves hair extensions which is most preferred by clients include that which adds either straight lustrous hair or vibrant ringlets, with color enhancements using low-lights and high-lights. Correct and proper installation of Brazilian weaves hair extensions … Continue reading


Why Are Hair Care Products For Brazilian Hair Treatment More Expensive?

When you decide on the hair cosmetics to be bought for your Brazilian hair treatment, you may find that these are more expensive compared to comparable products for natural hair. In such case, you may question who, what, when and … Continue reading


Why Do Human Hair Extensions Shed?

Hair shedding is a common problem associated with the application of human hair extensions. The shedding of hair usually starts at the attachment area, where the human hair extensions meet the natural hair line or the scalp. The reasons for … Continue reading


Why Brazilian Hair Is Most Conducive For A Brazilian Hair Treatment

A Brazilian hair treatment is usually opted for when clients want to add length and volume to their natural hair. While hair extensions can be made of natural human hair or synthetic hair, a Brazilian hair treatment generally refers to … Continue reading


When Human Hair Extensions Require Extra Care

Most clients wish to be reassured that the human hair extensions they are using will not cause any lasting damage to their natural hair and scalp. We think that the more important question to be answered is whether the users … Continue reading


Why Choose Brazilian Hair Weaves Extensions Over Synthetic Ones?

Clients prefer Brazilian hair weaves extensions to add length, volume and luster to their natural locks. Brazilian hair weaves extensions made from authentic human hair of Brazilian origin are far more expensive compared to synthetic hair extensions, but these are … Continue reading


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