Damage Caused Due To Swelling Of Human Hair Extensions

Human hair extensions are more expensive compared to synthetic ones, but this cost difference is recovered over their longer lifespan and ease of maintenance. To ensure that the human hair extensions last their useful period without damage, they need to … Continue reading


Limitations Of Quick-Fix Methods Of Installing Brazilian Weaves Hair Extensions

When it comes to applying Brazilian weaves hair extensions, people prefer to opt for quick application methods. While these do save time, energy and cost, they do have their limitations and drawbacks. Brazilian weaves hair extensions are applied on natural … Continue reading


The Use Of Specialist Hair Care Products For Brazilian Hair Extensions In Nyc

The Brazilian hair extensions available in NYC are mostly subjected to chemical treatments before being applied. Even those which are referred to as Virgin Brazilian hair extensions by NYC stylists are actually cleaned and subjected to some processing when being … Continue reading


Avoiding Human Hair Extensions From Dullness Due To Heat Treatment

Human hair extensions get frizzy and dull mainly due to loss of moisture. While some amount of moisture loss is natural and cannot be prevented, this process is exacerbated due to the use of chemical and styling treatments. Human hair … Continue reading


Cellophane Treatment To Restore Color To Brazilian Weaves Hair Extensions

After a few weeks of use, Brazilian weaves hair extensions start fading due to natural wear and tear – this wear and tear is accelerated in case they are frequently exposed to the outdoor environment and chemical processing. This loss … Continue reading


Things To Keep In Mind When Going For A Brazilian Hair Treatment

Brazilian hair treatment is often resorted to as a means of getting long hair instantly. A thorough and professional Brazilian hair treatment commands a premium price because it requires effort to install. Its maintenance in order to ensure its looks … Continue reading


How To Install And Maintain A Perm In Human Hair Extensions

A perm is an abbreviation for creating a permanent wave in the hair. While most human hair extensions of Indian and Brazilian origin are naturally straight or slightly wavy, you may sometimes wish to add a few more waves to … Continue reading


Application Methods For Brazilian Weaves Hair Extensions

Brazilian weaves hair extensions are increasingly being used to conceal hair and scalp deficiencies and baldness. The most common form of Brazilian weaves hair extensions being sold nowadays are wefts where the external hair is sewn directly into the scalp … Continue reading


Flexibility Imparted By Brazilian Weaves Hair Extensions

Sometimes, you wish you had slightly longer hair compared to your present crop of natural locks. In such cases, you can opt for Brazilian weaves hair extensions, which impart flexibility in length – they can be installed in long as … Continue reading


Selecting The Right Stylist For Human Hair Extensions

If you want good quality human hair extensions, you have to be prepared to shell out the money for buying them as well as installing them. Just getting good quality human hair extensions is sometimes not enough – they have … Continue reading


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