What is special about hair care products for hair extensions?

hair extensions offered in NYC are processed after they are harvested. This
processing causes the hair to lose its moisture. Even during daily use, given
the ambient pollution levels in a major city, the Brazilian hair extensions worn
in NYC continue to lose their moisture, albeit at a lesser rate than during the
preliminary processing. This loss of moisture is exacerbated when the Brazilian
hair extensions in NYC are subjected to chemical or heat treatments. Since the
Brazilian hair extensions are isolated from their source of nourishment and
moisture replenishment, they require extraneous infusion of moisture. This is
provided by specialist hair care products which are available in the market for
special care of Brazilian hair extensions worn in NYC. Generic hair care
products are not designed for taking care of the special needs of hair
extensions. For this, special products which contain more concentration of
moisture and nutrients which are needed by hair cut away from their source of
nourishment are required. These are called specialist hair extension care
products, as different from general hair care products.

Precautions To Be Followed During The Heat Treatment Of Brazilian Weaves Hair Extensions

As a general rule, human hair should not be
subjected to excessive heat treatment since this would result in the hair
losing its moisture and becoming dry and frizzy. Since Brazilian weaves hair
extensions are made from human hair, they are also susceptible to the same
damage from heat treatment as natural human hair. The lesser the use of hot
styling tools, the longer the lifespan of the Brazilian weaves hair extensions.
Despite this, there are instances and occasions when heat treatment involving
the use of hot curlers, rods, irons or tongs becomes unavoidable. In such
instances, to prevent the Brazilian weaves hair extensions from losing their
luster, follow a few basic precautions. The first and most obvious one is to
restrict the use of heat styling to a minimum and to maintain the temperature
as low as possible. The effectiveness of heating tools can be increased at
lesser temperatures by working with small sections of the Brazilian weaves hair
extensions at a time. Next, use hot irons or curlers on hair which is freshly
washed. Dust and oil particles have a tendency to get electrically charged and
stick to hot irons. They then scald the Brazilian weaves hair extensions after
getting over-heated. Though the Brazilian weaves hair extensions should be
freshly washed, you should also ensure that they are completely dry before
being heat treated. Water particles scald the Brazilian weaves hair extensions
in the same way, though to a lesser degree, as oil and dust particles. Heat
protection sprays can be looked at as an option to minimize damage to the Brazilian
weaves hair extensions.

Restoring Lost Shine To Brazilian Hair Extensions Worn In NYC

to the inherent air and dust pollution in a big city, Brazilian hair extensions
worn in NYC become dull and lose their shine faster despite the best of
grooming and maintenance schedules. Even the best quality Brazilian hair
extensions in NYC start losing their color and fading as time passes. Since
Brazilian hair extensions in NYC are so expensive, you obviously want them to
last as long as possible. Instead of discarding the hair extensions which have
dulled out, hair stylists and professionals recommend that the Brazilian hair
extensions in NYC be given a cellophane treatment to restore lost shine and
extend their lifespan. A single cellophane treatment can result in adding about
a fortnight to the life of Brazilian hair extensions in a city like NYC. After
this, the treatment can be repeated. This process can be carried out till it is
effective in restoring lost shine to the Brazilian hair extensions in NYC. A
cellophane treatment can be carried out in about 15 minutes at home. The only
precaution is to avoid using the solution near the attachment area, since this
may end up making the adhesive lose its grip and efficacy. The solution used is
free from ammonia and does not cause any damage to either the Brazilian hair
extensions or the natural hair.

Adding Long Hair Using A Brazilian Hair Treatment

Since Brazilian hair is naturally long and straight
or wavy, most Brazilian hair treatments focus on increasing the length of the
clients’ coiffure. The reason for the premium commanded by Brazilian hair treatments
is due to the extra long size of the hair they deal in. Not only do the
Brazilian hair extensions cost more money and getting a Brazilian hair treatment
is more expensive, but the cost of successfully maintaining Brazilian hair treatments
is also higher compared to other extraneous hair additions. Clients invest in a Brazilian hair treatment to get hair lengths of about 2 feet. For this,
the actual length of the hair which is used for Brazilian hair treatment is at
least 4” longer than the desired length. This is because some of the hair is
lost in trimming and styling when under-going Brazilian hair treatment. In
order to be economically viable, these Brazilian hair treatments are expected
to last longer as compared to other hair extensions. The very same long
hair which makes a Brazilian hair treatment
so desirable inhibits the hair extensions for lasting for more than 6 months.

The Process Of Perming Human Hair Extensions

process of creating perms or permanent waves in human hair extensions is a
two-stage one. The first stage involves preparing the human hair extensions and
the natural hair for getting the perm. This includes cleaning grease, dirt,
dust and grime from the human hair extensions by washing them with a clarifying
solution of shampoo. In the same stage, without drying them, the human hair
extensions are then wound around the curler iron. Perm lotion is then applied
to the human hair extensions, kept for some time and rinsed away. Since the
perm lotion is capable of immense reaction, its after-effects are neutralized
by applying neutralizing lotion. This neutralizing lotion is left in the human
hair extensions for 2 days before being washed away. The human hair extensions
are then trimmed to the desired length and style. A perm solution is highly
chemically active and results in a transition in the balance of chemical agents
in the human hair extensions. For this reason, if the perm you have got is
unsatisfactory and you wish to go for a perm once again, you need to wait for a
few days to give the human hair extensions some breathing time to regain their
chemistry. Perm solution dries out the human hair extensions; hence they need
to be moisturized often to regain the lost moisture. There are special products
for the after-care of human hair extensions which have undergone a perm. Since
the human hair extensions become dry after a perm, they should not be subjected
to bleaching, coloring or heat treatment. After a few days, when the perm
starts to lose its effect and the hair begins to lose curls, curl-boosters can
be used to regain the lost curls.

Protecting Brazilian Weaves Hair Extensions From Getting Bleached And Losing Color

Even under normal everyday conditions, Brazilian weaves hair extensions require
regular grooming and maintenance to keep them in pristine condition for their
entire lifetime. When they are exposed to especially unusual or stressful
conditions, the necessity for care-taking becomes even more pronounced and
unavoidable. We discuss here some of the periodic stresses and strains which Brazilian
weaves hair extensions are subject to, and the maintenance under these
conditions. For regular swimmers, it is best of you remove the Brazilian weaves
hair extensions when you go for a swim. However, for those who take an
occasional dip in the swimming pool or who expose the Brazilian weaves hair
extensions to the occasional beach-bath in salty sea water remember that
extended exposure to the chlorine of swimming pools or the salt in sea water causes
the Brazilian weaves hair extensions to lose their sheen and color. Hence, you
have to wash the Brazilian weaves hair extensions immediately after stepping
out. Also, while exposing them to these waters, make a braid of the Brazilian
weaves hair extensions in order to minimize the surface area of exposure. This
latter technique of tying into a braid should be followed in the sauna or
during sun-bathing also, since both heat and sun-light cause the Brazilian
weaves hair extensions to become bleached and lose color.

Selecting The Right Application Method Is A Trade-Off Between Longevity And Cost

Brazilian weaves hair extensions are used to make your hair look shinier, longer and
denser. They can also conceal imperfections and deficiencies in the scalp and
natural hair, such as bald spots, ailments and infections. Brazilian weaves
hair extensions can be installed in any number of ways, such as in the form of
wefts (both with the use of a machine and by hand), with the use of glues and
adhesives (bonding) or special resins used as glues (as in fusion) or by
installing them atop a thin cap or net which is worn to cover the natural hair
(netting). The threads used for tying the Brazilian weaves hair extensions to
the natural hair and scalp may be invisible, or the Brazilian weaves hair
extensions can be placed horizontally across the scalp to form cornrows. All
these are common techniques used for installing Brazilian weaves hair
extensions. The use of a particular technique depends on the application time
and cost which the client can afford and the longevity desired. Of course, the
longer the lifespan desired, the more intricate and expensive is the
installation method. Hence, selecting the ideal application method is a
trade-off between the two.

Selecting The Right Stylist For Brazilian Hair Extensions In NYC

The efficacy and effectiveness of good quality Brazilian hair extensions in NYC can
be greatly enhanced if they are properly installed and cared for. For this,
reason, clients in NYC prefer to get their Brazilian hair extensions installed
by experienced professional hair stylist. Not only do these stylists in NYC
apply the Brazilian hair extensions, they also clean and massage the natural
hair, and give their customers useful and practical tips on the maintenance of
the hair extensions and the natural hair. However, before spending money on
getting Brazilian hair extensions installed in NYC, it is best to gauge the
expertise of the stylist. This can be done by conducting a preliminary
interview with the stylist and going through their portfolio of previous jobs.
The interview questions can be used to elicit the stylist’s knowledge about the
job at hand, while the pictures of satisfied clients and their testimonials
help you gauge their areas of expertise. Based on a perfect match between your
demands and the skills on offer, you can then choose the stylist to install
your Brazilian hair extensions in NYC.

Myriad Applications Of Genuine Human Hair Extensions

matter how long their natural hair is, very few women can resist the temptation
to increase the length of their locks – long hair is always fashionable, be it
at the workplace, party or a picnic. This obsession with increased length of
hair has given rise to a burgeoning industry dealing with human hair extensions
which provides clients with extraneous hair strands harvested from human
donors, to add to their existing coiffure. The demand has also given rise to
spurious manufacturers who deal in synthetic or animal hair and pass them off
as genuine human hair extensions. But we will not deal with them in this
article. Suffice to say that it is better to be safe than sorry; hence, it is
always preferable to buy your human hair extensions from reputed dealers to
ensure their authenticity. Genuine human hair extensions ensure that you are
endowed with lustrous locks which reflect inner health and outer beauty. Human
hair extensions can be chosen by those who want a new hair style, who wish to
conceal bald patches, skin ailments and hair and scalp defects, and also by
those who do not have the patience to wait for their natural hair to grow to
the desired length, rather wish to flaunt flowing tresses instantly.

Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Salon For Applying Brazilian Weaves Hair Extensions

The increased demand for Brazilian weaves hair extensions coupled with the need for
speed, comfort and convenience has given rise to new kits which allow you to
install the Brazilian weaves hair extensions by yourself at home with a minimum
of fuss. However, nothing can beat the relaxation and the look which can be got
by spending a few hours in a beauty parlor or salon. Not only does the
professional stylist transform your hair into long lovely locks with Brazilian
weaves hair extensions but also massages and rejuvenates your natural hair, and
gives you tips to maintain both the natural coiffure and the Brazilian weaves
hair extensions. Brazilian weaves hair extensions which are applied by
professionals change the physical appearance and also improve the health of
natural hair. There are a number of professionally run salons specializing in
Brazilian hair extensions in NYC. A scan of any yellow pages would give you at
least a dozen good ones in your vicinity. However, choose the salon with care.
Professionals can apply Brazilian weaves hair extensions so that they are most
effective, but if applied wrongly, these same extensions can cause untold damage
to the scalp and hair. Hence though a professional application is desirable and
recommended, it should be chosen with care. After all, it is a question of your
money and the health of your hair.