Preventing Fungal Infections In Brazilian Hair Treatment

A Brazilian hair treatment should be regularly
subjected to a wash. However, drying the hair thoroughly after washing it is
equally important. Brazilian hair treatment involves the addition of external
human hair extracted from donors of Brazilian or South American origin. This
means that the hair attached during the Brazilian hair treatment process is
prone to the same damage and infections as natural hair. If the Brazilian hair
treatment stays wet or damp for a long time, or is stored in a damp place, it is
a ripe candidate for fungal infections. This eats away not just the hair in the
Brazilian hair treatment, but when the Brazilian hair treatment is worn the
next time, the infection transfers itself onto the natural hair and infects it
too. Sometimes, the infection is so severe that it may affect the scalp and
penetrate into the roots of the hair. This may necessitate a thorough treatment
which can also involve having to shave off the entire head. All this time,
money and comfort lost just for a minor mistake! This can be avoided if the
Brazilian hair treatment is dried thoroughly by parting it into sections and
drying each section at a time, checking the efficacy of the drying with a
simple finger test, and storing the Brazilian hair treatment, if required, in a
dry space.

Maintenance And Nutritional Aspects Of Wearing Brazilian Weaves Hair Extensions

In Brazilian
weaves hair extensions, human hair harvested from donors of Brazilian origin is
woven into the scalp in order to add volume and density to the existing locks.
This means that not just the volume, but also the overall weight of the hair on
the head is increased due to the use of Brazilian weaves hair extensions. The
challenge for professional hair stylists and beauty parlor owners lies in
helping clients deal with the stress caused to the natural hair and scalp due
to this added weight of the Brazilian weaves hair extensions. While clients may
demand much more hair than their scalp can hold in order to get an improved
lush look, the stylist has to strike a balance between looks on the one hand
and longevity of the Brazilian weaves hair extensions and health of the natural
hair on the other hand. Apart from suggesting just the right quantity of hair
to be added in the form of Brazilian weaves hair extensions, experienced
stylists also recommend a maintenance and nutritional regimen designed to help
the natural hair cope with this stress. Generally, the maintenance regimen
focuses predominantly on the use of as much moisture as possible, apart from
other grooming hair care products. The nutritional regimen focuses on a healthy
diet supplemented by additional vitamins, minerals and proteins, to strengthen
the natural hair to withstand the weight of the Brazilian weaves hair

Swelling Damage To Brazilian Weaves Hair Extensions Due To Use Of Chemical Dyes And Bleaches

weaves hair extensions are added onto the natural hair for adding length,
volume, density, color, shine and bounce to your coiffure. Brazilian weaves hair
extensions made from genuine human hair require minimal maintenance and last
for even up to a year, depending on their quality and application and
maintenance methods. At times, due to styling treatments, especially those
involving the use of chemicals, the fibers of the Brazilian weaves hair
extensions may get filled with liquid and appear bloated. This can also happen
when water enters the fibers of the Brazilian weaves hair extensions during
washing. This phenomenon is called “swelling” of the Brazilian weaves hair
extensions. This makes the Brazilian weaves hair extensions look unsightly.
While the swelling caused by water is reversible and the Brazilian weaves hair
extensions retain their original shape once the water drains out, the swelling
due to chemicals may be irreversible and may result in the Brazilian weaves hair
extensions becoming useless, or worse, harmful to the natural hair. This is
because the hair in the Brazilian weaves hair extensions becomes tangled,
brittle and prone to breakages, often taking strands of the natural hair along
with it. Some chemicals used in dyes and bleaches may not directly cause
swelling but can catalyze the process by breaking the bonds in the Brazilian
weaves hair extensions and opening up their cuticles, thereby making them prone
to liquid input and saturation.

Moisture Content Is The Best Parameter To Gauge Effectiveness Of Hair Care Products For Human Hair Extensions

hair extensions can be used to get a change of coiffure. However, in order to
give you a useful life, these human hair extensions require proper after care.
The difficulty in finding the best hair care products to take care of human
hair extensions lies in the absence of details regarding the ingredients in the
various hair care products available. Even if the items list out the
ingredients, there is nothing to identify their quantity or proportion in the
product, or to correlate the ingredient to its function. For example, while a
hair care product may claim to prevent human hair extensions from shedding, it
may not specify which particular ingredients help this function, their
proportion in the product and a comparative analysis of the product with and
without this active ingredient. In the absence of this specific information, a
general rule of thumb which is widely followed in to gauge a product’s
effectiveness by getting to know its moisture content. The more the moisturizing
effect, the better is the product. When human hair extensions become tangled or
dull, it has been found that moisturizers are most effective in restoring them.
Hence, for all products ranging from shampoos to conditioners, dyes, bleaches
and nourishing agents, the moisture content is the best pointer to their

Drawbacks Of Software Applications In Predicting The Look Imparted By Brazilian Hair Extensions

Hair stylists offering Brazilian hair extensions in
NYC now make use of hi-tech software applications to help you find out for
yourself whether the hair style which you are choosing will suit you or not. These
applications are designed to provide photographs in which the hairstyle can be
edited to see how the Brazilian hair extensions applied in NYC will look like.
However, despite having the best of applications, you may sometimes not be able
to get a true picture of your looks. This is because the photographs only
replicate the physiognomy, and cannot show the “feel” of the Brazilian hair
extensions in NYC. Moreover, subtle changes of shade, texture and pattern can
alter the look in a major way. These cannot be minutely replicated in software
designed pictures. Further, some clients have faces which are photogenic while
others are not. For those with photogenic faces, almost every hairstyle may
suit their look, while for the rest the result may not seem satisfactory on the
photograph even though the Brazilian hair extensions may suit them in reality.
Despite all these drawbacks, software applications to create air-brushed
photographs remain the best tools in the hands of hair stylists and beauticians
for helping clients choose Brazilian hair extensions in NYC. The alternate
would be to go for the Brazilian hair extensions of your choice on a trial and
error basis, which costs time and money.

Promoting Healthy Natural Hair Is A Must For Long-Lasting Brazilian Weaves Hair Extensions

The most preferred method of maintaining the freshness and longevity of Brazilian weaves hair extensions is by having a regular maintenance and grooming schedule and sticking to it through thick and thin. Healthy natural hair also helps in maintaining Brazilian weaves hair extensions, since the weaves in Brazilian weaves hair extensions are enmeshed with natural hair; therefore, they take their support from it. This health should be innately present and not just show off superficially with the use of hair care products. Hair care products can only manage the appearance of the hair temporarily and do not address deformities, shortfalls, defects and problems in the scalp and the roots of the natural hair. This inherent health of the natural hair, and thereby, of the Brazilian weaves hair extensions, is possible with a healthy diet including the requisite supplements. This will help the natural hair to provide the needed support to the Brazilian weaves hair extensions. While people who use Brazilian weaves hair extensions to conceal scalp and hair defects are helpless, those who use Brazilian weaves hair extensions as a fashion accessory can take necessary action to ensure healthy natural hair so that the Brazilian weaves hair extensions are properly managed.

How To Select Which Brazilian Hair Extensions To Buy In NYC

A full head of Brazilian hair extensions sold in NYC is made of 150-200 strands, each set of about 25 strands forming a bundle. This bundle weighs 0.50 ounce. So, a full head of Brazilian hair extensions in NYC weighs 3-4 ounces. Brazilian hair extensions in NYC are not priced on the basis of weight, but rather on the basis of their quality, length and texture. The quality is defined by the luster of the hair and the chemical and other treatments which the hair has undergone prior to being harvested and sold. Remy and Virgin Brazilian hair extensions in NYC are more expensive than their counterparts. Hair extensions continue to lose moisture from the time they are separated from the donor’s scalp. Additional treatments only reduce this moisture content still further, leading to faster drying, dulling and tangling of the hair. Custom Brazilian hair extensions in NYC cost more and take additional time for preparation. The extra time taken depends on the specific requirement and the availability of the raw hair to meet the requirements. Reputed parlors selling Brazilian hair extensions in NYC depend on suppliers who have rigorous quality control mechanisms to check the quality and color of their hair. When buying Brazilian hair extensions in NYC, the selection is based on your purpose, preferences and budget.

How The Natural Hair Type Determines The Selection, Treatment And Grooming Of Human Hair Extensions

Human hair gets its characteristics from the nativity of the owner. Based on the nativity, the body produces particular quantity and type of sebum to deal with the environmental factors particular to specific geographical climes. It is this sebum which defines the hair type and texture. The color depends on genetic and other factors. Apart from these natural and congenital factors, the human hair is also influenced by heat and chemical treatments it undergoes during its lifetime. The innate features of the human hair transfer themselves onto the human hair extensions made from such hair. When you select human hair extensions, you have to see which of the human hair extensions match your specific hair type. Your hair type dictates not just the selection of the human hair extensions best suited for your looks, but also their further treatment and hair care regimen. If you possess straight hair, then you can opt for human hair extensions with straight or a slightly wavy texture. For extra waviness, you will first have to perm your natural hair and then use the wavy human hair extensions. Curly human hair extensions will not suit you at all. An example of the hair type determining the treatment is if your natural hair is curly. It will have to be trimmed to a perfectly matched length before wearing the human hair extensions. An example of the grooming regimen – if your natural hair is frizzy, it has to be combed using a brush with wide teeth. For better setting, the hair and the human hair extensions will have to be styled when slightly wet or damp.

Maintenance Regime For Human Hair Extensions

The most preferred human hair extensions are mostly of Brazilian or Indian origin, which are composed of slightly wavy or, sometimes, straight hair. Curly hair is rare in people of these nativities. Given here are a few tips for maintaining human hair extensions for maximum utility. The grooming and maintenance schedule is primarily divided into a daily regimen and a periodic one. The daily regimen involves combing the human hair extensions twice. Alcohol-free moderate styling products should be used on the human hair extensions. Tie up the human hair extensions into braids when going outdoors for an extended period and also when going to bed. Every morning, the braids can be untangled and the human hair extensions, combed. Apart from this, the human hair extensions should be washed at least once every week and not more than thrice in a week. The shampoo used for washing the human hair extensions should be slightly acidic in nature (with a pH just below 7) so that it can react with a remove the oils, greases, dirt and dust. The shampoo can be further accentuated with the use of conditioners, moisturizers, nourishment agents and oils. The human hair extensions also require periodic visits to the stylist, after every 3-6 months for a touch-up. The frequency of the visits depends on the quality of the human hair extensions and their maintenance and usage.

Protecting The Brazilian Hair Treatment From Wear And Tear

A Brazilian hair treatment is generally carried out on human hair. As such, it reacts to the external atmosphere in the same way as natural hair. In order to make the Brazilian hair treatment last longer, it is best to opt for hair styles which ensure that the environmental damage is minimized. Excess heat or cold and wind can damage the Brazilian hair treatment. When spending time out of doors, wear a cap or a scarf to cover the Brazilian hair treatment and protect it from sunlight and the heat/ cold/ moisture of the weather. When staying outdoors for a long time, tie the Brazilian hair treatment into buns, ponytails, plaits or braids to reduce the exposed surface area. Excess use of heat treatment for styling the Brazilian hair treatment results in premature damage to the hair. A diffuser is a better option. The hair should be loosely tied to prevent it from getting pulled and broken due to tight bonding. Further, the clips used to tie the Brazilian hair treatment should be smooth to prevent them from getting entangled in the hair. Metal clips and bands, and bare rubber or elastic hair bands should be avoided. Instead, use a smooth satin or silk scarf to cover the Brazilian hair treatment when outdoors. Similarly, a silk or satin pillow cover is preferable at night to avoid friction and the resultant shedding of hair.