Why do I need to visit the stylist despite regular grooming of human hair extensions?

Even the best human hair extensions need a regular maintenance schedule in order to keep looking their best. This maintenance does not just include regular visits to the stylist for touch-ups and maintenance. It also means that the human hair extensions need to be taken care of on a daily basis to prevent them from getting dirty, polluted or infected. This damage not only affects the looks of the human hair extensions, but can also adversely impact the natural hair – sometimes on an irreversible basis. The most basic home regimen for maintaining human hair extensions involves combing, brushing, shampooing, conditioning and moisturizing them. While how often you have to visit the stylist for a touch-up to your human hair extensions is determined by the type of hair and the application method, these visits can be made less cumbersome and inexpensive provided the basic grooming is done at home on a regular basis. If the stylist does not have to attend to the basic grooming chores, then all she needs to focus on – and charge for – are the touch-ups to the human hair extensions. These latter are necessary because when natural hair grows out, you need to remove or replace some of the human hair extensions to make way for it.

Application Of Brazilian Weaves Hair Extensions And Its Cost

Brazilian weaves hair extensions are versatile enough to be supported by all types of natural hair. However, selecting a texture and shade which matches the natural hair allows them to look more aesthetic. Brazilian weaves hair extensions which clash with the natural hair, stand out and look out of place. For example, blonde Brazilian weaves hair extensions would not match the coiffure of a redhead. Applying Brazilian weaves hair extensions takes time. If additional embellishments such as ringlets or color shading are required, you may have to devote even more time. The cost of installing the Brazilian weaves hair extensions would also go up in the latter case. Most parlor owners charge by the hour for installing hair extensions. One of the ways of beating the application cost of Brazilian weaves hair extensions is by doing the preliminary preparation at home, before visiting the stylist. This includes shampooing the natural hair and keeping it clean, dry and combed. The style and type of the Brazilian weaves hair extensions determine how they will be connected and what they will cost. Brazilian weaves hair extensions can either be connected on a strand or weft basis. Other methods of applying Brazilian weaves hair extensions include bonding, fusion, gluing, clipping, strings, etc. The method is chosen depending on its application cost, time taken, hair quality and desired longevity.

Aftercare Of Brazilian Hair Treatment

Brazilian hair treatment deals with natural human hair and very often involves the use of hair dryers and flat irons in order to get the desired style. Human hair extensions are chosen for Brazilian hair treatment precisely to prevent damage to the natural hair and the extensions during this heat treatment. However, this does not mean that a Brazilian hair treatment does not require after-care. The hair installed using Brazilian hair treatment also needs regular bouts of shampooing and conditioning with periodic doses of oil massage, hot oil conditioning and deep conditioning. All grooming procedures for Brazilian hair treatment should be done gently, using only the tips of the fingers to prevent the human hair extensions from slipping or getting damaged. Compared to human hair, synthetic hair cannot be subjected to heat treatment as easily as human hair which has the ability to remain malleable and supple even after intensive treatment. This allows human hair to be used for creating a variety of hair styles using a Brazilian hair treatment. One such hair-style is creating of weaves using the Brazilian hair treatment. During formation of weaves, the extraneous hair is horizontally and vertically braided and the weave pieces are sewn over the cornrow using a thick thread. The thick thread ensures that the Brazilian hair treatment stays stable and firm. The number of weave pieces depends on the length and density desired. A complete Brazilian hair treatment takes 4 to 5 hours.

Things To Keep In Mind When Wearing Brazilian Weaves Hair Extensions

Some of the points to be kept in mind when opting for Brazilian weave hair extensions are discussed here. The first and foremost thing is that one should not opt for Brazilian weaves hair extensions which do not suit one’s height, build, lifestyle, shape of the face or fashion sense. Brazilian weaves hair extensions need to be maintained with a rigorous maintenance schedule at least once every fortnight. Brazilian weaves hair extensions should be removed at least once in every two months. The weave must be wrapped up at night. The hair and the extensions must both be combed or brushed regularly. Having Brazilian weaves hair extensions should not lead to neglect of natural hair – it should also be regularly maintained. The use of very heavy Brazilian weaves hair extensions may result in damage to the natural hair – this damage may sometimes be irreversible. Finally, it is always best to buy Brazilian weaves hair extensions from suppliers of repute. Last but not the least, before going for Brazilian weaves hair extensions, seriously think and decide whether you really wish to alter or otherwise augment your natural hairstyle. On the one side are women who have curly hair, but who yearn for straight hairstyles; on the other, there are those who have straight hair, but would give anything for those waves and curls.

Why do professionals prefer human hair extensions?

Human hair extensions are in demand due to increasing fashion consciousness among clients. This demand has resulted in human hair extensions being made in a wider range of mind-boggling sizes, shapes, textures and colors than ever before. To be able to study all the possible options available and then arrive at the one which is most suitable for your needs, has just become tougher. However, regardless of the range and variety, some basic facts about the quality of human hair extensions remain unchanged. The most basic of these is that the longevity, quality and durability of the human hair extensions are directly dependent on the inherent hair which goes into the making of the human hair extensions. Experienced hair-stylists prefer human hair extensions made from hair extracted from donors of Brazilian or Indian origin as compared to others. This is because of the inherent strength, length, luster and complexion of this hair, which then transfer to the human hair extensions. While the style in which the human hair extensions are worn, is a matter of individual choice, professionals often prescribe that these be worn in the form of weaves or other methods which tend to look naturally beautiful and are also convenient in styling. Moreover, human hair extensions worn as weaves can also be suitably trimmed to get the exact length desired.

Buying Brazilian Weaves Hair Extensions From Us

weaves hair extensions are a boon to those who wish to show off curly or wavy
tresses, but do not have the natural hair texture for it. These external hair
extensions can be donned to improve the looks of your locks – instantly and
without any effort. Brazilian weaves hair extensions are either used to enhance
the look of natural waves or add volume to them. Brazilian weaves hair
extensions are what helps even Hollywood stars to flaunt lush waves with
improved density, volume and length of hair. Prior to using Brazilian weaves
hair extensions, use a smoothing serum to settle the natural hair and a curling
iron to form gentle waves in it. This helps the Brazilian weaves hair
extensions to settle more easily onto the natural hair and also look more
natural. The range of Brazilian weaves hair extensions offered by us assures
you of the exact style, length, color and texture that you desire. Even if you
don’t have natural curls, Brazilian weaves hair extensions can give you the
look you desire.

Precautions During Washing Human Hair Extensions

hair extensions last longer than synthetic ones, but this lifespan comes with a
caveat. Agreed that they last longer, but for that you must ensure that they
are treated properly so that they maintain their quality for longer. A hair
wash at least once a week, preferably twice a week and more often in case of
physical activities involving generation of sweat, is recommended. However,
washing should not exceed thrice a week, since this results in the human hair
extensions losing moisture and becoming dry. A normal wash includes a bout of
shampooing followed by conditioning, with the occasional deep conditioning if
the human hair extensions have been subjected to strenuous work-outs or feel
too dry. Similarly, a pre-shampoo oil massage (hot or cold) and post-wash
moisturizing are optional, but desirable once every few washes. After washing,
the human hair extensions should be allowed to dry naturally and the drying
should not be forced, since the use of vigorous rubbing or hot air causes
damage which is exacerbated when the human hair extensions are wet. Run your
fingers through the human hair extensions to check whether they are completely
dried and comb them only after thorough drying.

Steps Involved In Selecting And Applying Brazilian Weaves Hair Extensions

weaves hair extensions mixes the benefits of an instant hair weave with added
volume, density and luster of Brazilian hair – a combination which works to improve
your hair style and personality. The use of Brazilian weaves hair extensions to
cover natural hair seamlessly has been prevalent for a long time. The primary
advantages of using Brazilian weaves hair extensions include added length,
quantity and thickness to natural hair, apart from modifications in style and
color. The first step in getting Brazilian weaves hair extensions is to finalize
the texture – straight, wavy or curly. The next step involves choosing the
quality of the hair in the Brazilian weaves hair extensions – human or
synthetic, the origin of the hair if human hair extensions are chosen, whether
the Brazilian weaves hair extensions will be made of Virgin or non-Virgin hair,
Remy or non-Remy hair. After this, the color of the Brazilian weaves hair
extensions is selected – whether you want the original color shade or you want
it to be colored; if the Brazilian weaves hair extensions is made of colored
hair, then you need to finalize between the range of natural and exotic shades
available in a color chart available with most salons and beauty parlors. Once
the Brazilian weaves hair extensions have been chosen, the final step is to
select the application method – whether strand by strand or weft, and whether
you wish to utilize the services of a professional or do it yourself at home.

Things To Keep In Mind When Coloring Human Hair Extensions

human hair extensions are largely preferred in natural or close to natural
colors by clients, there are a few clients who like to alter the original color
of the human hair extensions. One of the advantages of human hair extensions is
that they can be easily colored in any natural or exotic shade. However,
depending on their origin, some human hair extensions are more readily
receptive to certain colors compared to others. The first thing to remember in
coloring human hair extensions is that since coloring involves chemical
processing of the hair, the hair becomes dry as a result. Especially since the human
hair extensions have been cut away from their basic source of moisture – which
is the sebaceous glands in the scalp. Hence, when human hair extensions are
colored, they should simultaneously be moisturized to replenish this loss of
oils. The next thing to keep in mind is the shades or colors which the human
hair extensions are receptive to. While hair of most origins can be colored in any
color desired, Brazilian or Indian hair can be colored only in shades darker than
their existing ones. Some others, like Caucasian hair, are chemically processed
for converting into human hair extensions. Coloring such types of hair should
be avoided. Though all human hair extensions are subjected to some amount of
damage due to coloring, generally, Remy human hair extensions can be colored
more easily and with lesser damage compared to non-Remy human hair extensions.

Quality Testing Of Human Hair Extensions

Since human hair extensions command a premium in the marketplace, their quality
issues take special precedence if they wish to retain their market share. Manufacturers are increasingly relying on advanced scientific techniques to maintain and improve the quality of the human hair extensions offered by them. Apart from the improved quality of human hair extensions, even application methods, lifespan and reuse are under focus, and are being refined with the help of advanced sciences. Given this scenario, quality testing of human hair extensions with a view to under-taking improvements, has taken priority in Research & Development units of most major human hair extensions manufacturers. Some of the tests carried out to determine the quality of human hair extensions include solvent testing, heat testing, strength tests and environmental testing. In solvent testing, the human hair extensions are immersed in solvents generally used for installation using chemical processes, such as fusion, and their impact on the health of the human hair extensions is observed. In heat testing, human hair extensions are held in hot irons or ultrasonic hot iron at high temperatures. This determines the human hair extensions’ ability to withstand gluing and blow drying. For testing the strength of human hair extensions, they are crushed by pliers and rotated. This shows whether the human hair extensions can be fastened to natural hair. In environmental testing, the human hair extensions are dipped in various hair care products to check their ability to withstand them.