Impact Of Frizz On Human Hair Extensions And Its Prevention

Natural hair, and human hair extensions which are made from natural hair, are prone to frizz as a result of the humidity present in the atmosphere. Apart from humidity, excess use of chemicals also dries up the cuticles and lifts them up, resulting in uneven moisture absorption, which is a feature of frizz in hair. Curly or coarse hair becomes frizzy more easily since the proteins in these types of hair are not distributed evenly. Frizz causes the moisture in the human hair extensions to become uneven, resulting in swellings at places where there is an excess of moisture. The human hair extensions look bumpy and shabby as a result. Also, since the distances between the human hair extensions and the scalp are unequal, the human hair extensions lose their grip and are prone to slippage, which results in shedding of hair. To prevent the hair from becoming frizzy, moisturize the human hair extensions by conditioning them regularly. In case the human hair extensions are prone to frizz despite the best of precautions, coat them with anti-frizz products available in the market. These products not only retain essential moisture, but also impart luster to the human hair extensions.

Checking Whether The Human Hair Extensions You Buy Are Genuine Or Not

Human hair extensions sell at a premium on account their maintenance and lifespan advantages. This has given rise to spurious claims of manufacturers trying to pass of synthetic hair extensions as original human hair extensions to be able to pocket the differential profit. It has become imperative for discerning customers to be able to tell the difference apart if they do not wish to be cheated. The simplest means of checking the genuineness of human hair extensions is by conducting sample strands to a burn test. While genuine human hair extensions emit an orange flame when burning and leave behind a dark ash, synthetic hair, which is mostly made of petrochemical origin plastics, burns with a blue base, not unlike the flame in cooking gas. Further, while human hair extensions do not burn when the flame is removed, synthetic extension fibers burn completely once they catch fire. Human hair extensions smell like burning hair when burning, while synthetic ones emit a sweet smell. Another means of testing the genuineness of human hair extensions is by subjecting them to a detailed examination under a microscope. This requires an elaborate laboratory set-up which is not readily available to general public.

Advantages Of Standardizing The Colors Of Human Hair Extensions

The main things to note when selecting human hair extensions are that their texture and color should match that of the natural hair. This will result in the human hair extensions gelling with the natural hair and not look out of place. However, with rising demand for exotic hair colors, manufacturers have also started offering human hair extensions in a wide range of colors. When the colors were restricted to a few shades of blacks and browns with a few more blondes and auburns thrown in, keeping track was easy. However, confusion crept in when the number of available hair colors and human hair extensions colors increased. In order to standardize the range of colors and color shades in human hair extensions, manufacturers have started a standard hair color coding mechanism, which consists of a number followed by an alphabet. The number denotes the shade while the alphabet gives the basic color. For example, in case of 1B, 1 denotes that the shade is basic, while “B” stands for Brown color. This reference to codes standardizes the color requirements across stylists, manufacturers, vendors and clients. For example, if your human hair extensions have faded and you wish to restore them to the original shade, you can simply walk into any stylist’s and tell them that you want the human hair extensions to be restored to shade 1B (or 1N, or 1R, etc.) You need not suffer from shade mismatch.

Addressing The Issue Of Shedding Of Hair Due To Installation Of Brazilian Weaves Hair Extensions

Hair shedding is one of the common problems faced by people wearing Brazilian weaves hair extensions. Since Brazilian weaves hair extensions are attached on top of the natural hair, sometimes, the natural hair is incapable of supporting the additional weight of the Brazilian weaves hair extensions and starts falling due to the strain of this extra weight. This fall is more dominant at specific attachment points which become pressure points. Such pressure points are more in number in the case of Brazilian weaves hair extensions due to their method of application. The common causes of this hair shedding are friction at the point of contact or slippage of the Brazilian weaves hair extensions. Not only the hair in the Brazilian weaves hair extensions, but also the natural hair is subjected to this breakage and shedding, resulting in thinning or balding. This shedding due to natural causes or in the first few days after installing the Brazilian weaves hair extensions is natural. However, you may need to visit a hair stylist in order to resolve the problem of continuous shedding due to installation of the Brazilian weaves hair extensions. If the shedding is due to improper placement of the Brazilian weaves hair extensions, the same stylist who installed the Brazilian weaves hair extensions needs to resolve it. If it is due to lack of strength in the natural hair, it needs to be addressed by a cosmetologist. If it is due to an adverse reaction to the glue used for installing the Brazilian weaves hair extensions, it has to be taken up by a dermatologist.

Parameters For The Classification Of Human Hair Extensions

The basic pre-requisite of human hair extensions is that they be collected from human donors. Apart from this basic commonality, human hair extensions have a lot of differences depending on their origin, color, texture and also on the method of extraction. Based on origin, human hair extensions are classified into categories such as Brazilian, Indian, Caucasian, European, Oriental and African. These are generic names given to human hair extensions which exhibit specified characteristics. The name may not pertain to a specific geographical area. Other physiological traits such as the color and texture of the human hair extensions are largely dependent on their nativity. For example, Brazilian human hair extensions are naturally available in shades of blacks and brown with a straight or wavy texture. Blonde or curly human hair extensions are rare among hair of Brazilian origin. The extraction method will determine whether the hair remains Remy or not and Virgin or not. The definitions of Remy and Virgin hair have been given in our earlier blogs. Similarly, the human hair extensions may be composed of hair in a wide variation of length if they are single drawn, or have hair of almost uniform length if they are double drawn.

Effect Of Different Styles Of Human Hair Extensions On Your Looks

Apart from concealing defects of the hair and scalp, human hair extensions are also used by clients to alter their hair styles, and, consequently, their looks. To highlight the jaw line and lengthen the neck, clients, especially ladies, can go for pulled back human hair extensions. This also seemingly reduces the distance between the ears. For wider cheeks and brow line, go for a full head of human hair extensions. This also makes the eyes look wider. To make the forehead seem shorter and wider, wear human hair extensions in long fringes, while shorter fringes will reduce the distance between the eyes and forehead. Wearing human hair extensions in long fringes at the temple will highlight the eyes and cheekbones. Fringes of human hair extensions at the center make the eyebrows look wider and away from the center make the forehead look narrower. If the side partings of the human hair extensions are lower, the forehead looks broader. Ringlets in the human hair extensions lengthen the neck.

Points To Be Considered When Applying Brazilian Weaves Hair Extensions

Instead of going in for the time- and effort-consuming rigmarole of weaving the natural hair, Brazilian weaves hair extensions are fast becoming an alternative option for those who wish to install weaves in their hair, but do not have the time in today’s fast world to weave their natural hair or look after them for proper maintenance. Apart from styling the hair, Brazilian weaves hair extensions are also used to add volume and density to the existing locks. The basic premise in the installation of a Brazilian weaves hair extension is the use of external hair extensions to either cover or supplement the natural hair or hair style. When you decide to opt for Brazilian weaves hair extensions, the first step is to determine the type of hair you would be comfortable with – human or synthetic. Human hair extensions are more preferable but are also more expensive. Next in line are choices with regard to the texture, color and size of the Brazilian weaves hair extensions. The texture and color shade of the Brazilian weaves hair extensions should be as close to the natural hair as possible to avoid an immediate clash. Finally, the question of application method for the Brazilian weaves hair extensions wherein you have to decide whether to use the services of a professional or do it yourself at home, or a combination of both – with consultation from a professional and the actual application by you. Also, the type of application method best suited to your budget, hair style and usage needs to be addressed here.

Fusion Method For Applying Human Hair Extensions

Human hair extensions are used to get long hair instantly without having to wait for the natural hair to grow to the desired size. While human hair extensions can be installed by any number of methods including the instant clip-on to the more detailed weaving, fusion is generally considered to be a safe means of installing long-lasting human hair extensions which do not have any risk of damage to the natural hair and scalp. Since fusion does not apply the human hair extensions directly onto the scalp, but slightly away from the scalp, it minimizes the chances of damage to the scalp even if the human hair extensions are improperly removed. Before you consider fusion as an application method for the human hair extensions, first determine the type of hair you wish to opt for – whether Virgin or non-Virgin, Remy or non-Remy, and the origin of the hair. Hair of some origin may not be very convenient to fuse, especially short and curly hair of African origin. After you have decided that you wish to go for fusion of the human hair extensions selected by you, you will have to select the stylist who will install them. Unlike some other types of installation methods, it is preferable and advisable to use the services of a professional hair stylist when installing human hair extensions using the fusion method. You will have to finalize the beauty salon specialist based on cost, competence and convenient availability.

Addressing The Problems Of Excess Shedding Of Brazilian Weaves Hair Extensions

While Brazilian weaves hair extensions are used to conceal symptoms of hair shedding and premature baldness, sometimes you may be faced with the problem that the Brazilian weaves hair extensions themselves shed hair. One of the ways to prevent this is by visiting a professional stylist who can identify the spots from which the Brazilian weaves hair extensions are shedding and address the problems at those spots. If you find the fees for a proper repair at a professional hair-dresser to be too high, you can alternately go only for consultation rather than a complete makeover of the Brazilian weaves hair extensions. Based on the feedback of the stylist, you can then carry out the remedies at home. Consultations fees are a fraction of the complete workmanship charges. Another alternative is to use Brazilian weaves hair extensions with pre-tipped glues which are different from the glues presently being used by you. This can address problems occurring due to any adverse reaction of the present glue with natural hair. A third reason for shedding of Brazilian weaves hair extensions is due to innate weakness of the natural hair, resulting in their inability to hold onto the Brazilian weaves hair extensions. This can be remedied through a proper diet and the use of nutritional supplements and formulations to strengthen the natural hair.

Human Hair Extensions And The Myth Of Premature Baldness

Loss of hair is a common and frequently embarrassing phenomenon, especially for ladies. But it occurs more often than what is generally imagined. Adding to the pressures of the modern world is the fact that more and more women are entering the work force leading them susceptible to the loads of multi-tasking. The lack of time to prepare food has led to the unhealthy trend of eating out frequently; similarly, a physical regimen including proper care of health and hair also takes a hit due to this lack of time. Women are under slightly more pressure given the fact that while baldness in men is acceptable to society, women going bald is looked down upon. Men can shave their hair to hide bald patches – this is not an option for women. While baldness is caused by many factors, installing human hair extensions is a quick, simple and easy way to conceal symptoms of premature hair loss. Human hair extensions are used by women to hide their baldness – since a lot of women who go prematurely bald, resort to human hair extensions this has given rise to the erroneous belief that human hair extensions may have something to do with causing baldness. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Human hair extensions are not responsible for premature baldness; in fact, they are a remedy to hide premature baldness and the resultant societal censure.