Maintaining The Brazilian Weaves Hair Extensions Free From Tangles

Authentic good quality Brazilian weaves hair extensions are expensive to acquire and their proper installation also costs time and money. Having spent the necessary amount in order to get these Brazilian weaves hair extensions in place, you would obviously look to maximize the return from your investment. This can be done by ensuring that the Brazilian weaves hair extensions stay in place and maintain their look over their lifespan. One of the major obstacles to this is the tangling of the hair in the Brazilian weaves hair extensions. To prevent this tangling, some of the regular steps which you need to carry out are given herein. Regular combing of Brazilian weaves hair extensions ensures that most minor impurities and dust particles are removed before they get a chance to cluster and embed themselves in the Brazilian weaves hair extensions. Always comb the hair after thoroughly drying it, never when it is wet. For obstinate impurities which entrench themselves in the Brazilian weaves hair extensions despite regular brushing, subject the Brazilian weaves hair extensions to a comprehensive wash at least once a fortnight. The complete wash should include a preliminary oil massage, shampoo, conditioner (deep conditioning or hot oil conditioning, if required), moisturizing and nourishing. A shampoo is meant to remove the impurities from the Brazilian weaves hair extensions, the other steps are to ensure that they remain healthy and the lost nutrients are replenished.

How do shampoos and hot irons work at restoring the shine of a Brazilian hair treatment?

Natural human hair consists of more number of free electrons (negatively charged ions)
on its surface than free protons (positively charged ions). When this imbalance in charges exceeds limits, the hair in a Brazilian hair treatment starts becoming frizzy and dull. This fact about a Brazilian hair treatment has been proven by studies conducted on hair strands. In these studies, the hair from Brazilian hair treatment is extracted and subjected to dyes of different electrical charges. These dyes are designed to glow in different colors when coming into contact with particles of different charges – they would glow in one color when reacting with predominantly negative charges, and a different color when reacting with mainly positive charges. From these experiments, it was deduced that the human hair in a Brazilian hair treatment contains more electrons than
protons or neutrons. This has led hair care companies to develop hair care products which act on the Brazilian hair treatment and restore its sheen by mainly reacting with and neutralizing negatively charged ions. This feature is predominantly used by companies which manufacture hair cleansing agents such as shampoos and conditioners, and also by hair styling companies making blow dryers and hot irons.

Measuring The Strength Of Human Hair Extensions Based On Their Elasticity

Natural human hair, when stretched to a certain extent and left, returns to its original
shape and size. The extent to which the hair can be stretched before it becomes irreversibly damaged, measures the elasticity of the hair. Human hair extensions, being extracted from natural hair, are no different. Their strength and resilience is also measured by their elasticity. Normal, healthy human hair extensions can retain their original shape when stretched about 25% more than their natural size when dry. Similarly, when wet, if the human hair extensions can return to their original shape even after being stretched to 50% more than their original size, they are considered normal. The better their elasticity, the stronger are the human hair extensions. Elasticity in human hair extensions is due to the side bonds in the shaft. To determine whether the human hair extensions you are considering to apply, are resilient enough, carry out a
strand test of their elasticity. Choose 4-5 hair strands from the potential human hair extensions at random. Stretch them 25% over their normal size in dry state and 50% over their normal size in wet state, and leave them. If they return to their original size, they are composed of good quality hair. This test can also be used to rank different varieties of human hair extensions on offer. Compare the elasticity of the varied human hair extensions offered to you – the one with the highest elasticity is the best.

Special Hair Care Products To Extend The Lifespan Of Human Hair Extensions

Special after care products are available in the market for the treatment and grooming of human hair extensions. The first of these is a pre-shampoo emulsion. Human hair extensions are created from natural human hair, which is processed and formed into hair extensions. During the processing, the hair loses some of its natural oils. This renders the human hair extensions readily susceptible to damage, especially when they are shampooed. The pre-shampoo solution aims to replenish these lost natural oils. The solution works by forming a protective layer over the human hair extensions fibers and also moisturizing them. It is added by spraying onto the human hair extensions and then spreading with a comb before the excess solution is rinsed out. Shampoo the human hair extensions after treating them with the pre-shampoo blend to avoid the shampoo from reacting adversely on them. Special conditioners for human hair extensions contain elements which reduce friction between hair strands. This prevents the human hair extensions from rubbing harshly against each other and breaking up. These conditioners should be allowed to permeate the human hair extensions for a couple of minutes before they are washed away. Special maintenance sprays for human hair extensions are also conditioners, only they do not need to be removed, but are allowed to stay on in the human hair extensions and work continuously towards promoting smoothness and luster in the human hair extensions.

How does vinegar help restore a Brazilian hair treatment?

Despite the best quality of hair extensions and superior Brazilian hair treatment at the hands of the best professionals in the field, the Brazilian hair treatment starts losing its sheen over a period of time due to natural wear and tear, especially if its maintenance and grooming are erratic or it is subjected to the vagaries of the outside environment. Frequent rinsing of the Brazilian hair treatment is an effective short-term remedy to maintain its luster. However, its effectiveness is also limited. The cuticles of human hair installed in the Brazilian hair treatment get saturated with residues of shampoo, conditioner, oil and other nourishing agents, apart from dust, dirt and grime. This makes the Brazilian hair treatment look frayed and untidy. Cleaning of the Brazilian hair treatment with vinegar is an effective means of removing this build-up. The vinegar reacts with and cleanses out these particles, thereby restoring the shine of the Brazilian hair treatment. Most impurities in the Brazilian hair treatment are alkaline in nature, while vinegar is acidic. Therefore, application of vinegar also restores the pH balance of the Brazilian hair treatment. The removal of these impurities closes the pores of the cuticles and your Brazilian hair treatment looks as good as new. Using cold water to rinse away the impurities closes the pores of the Brazilian hair treatment cuticles much
better as compared to warm water.