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It is an undeniable fact that is the leading seller of hair extensions online. Thus, you can rely on us for 100% human hair that is of superior quality. Our tresses are thoroughly tested by us and we sell only integrated and high quality products.


Shopping for hair extensions online can be a time-consuming affair. This is because there are numerous brands that offer different types of hair in varying qualities, processing and price. Most of these companies claim to supply hair that does not shed and also make liberal use of words like Remy cuticle, Indian, European, Brazilian, Virgin etc. However, in reality, their products do not usually possess any of these attributes.



What is the Difference between Virgin and Remy hair?


Remy hair easily gets assimilated with ethnic types of hair because of which it is considered to be the number one choice for extensions especially in comparison to other types of human hair. Virgin hair, on the other hand, consists of cuticles that are not processed.


Remy Hair


In it, the hair’s cuticle layer is uni-directional as well as smooth. The inner layer of a hair pattern is known as skin. This is one factor which plays a very important role at the time of purchasing extension. Plain and whole cuticles denote light that renders a shinning appearance to the hair.


Virgin Hair


It refers to mane that has never been texturized, bleached or treated chemically in any way. It is considered to be the most high quality hair because it is very similar to the locks that grow on our heads. One important thing that should be noted in this context is that if a hair is referred to as “virgin” it doesn’t necessarily signify that it is also Remy. Instead, it can be Indian Remy human hair, Malaysian Remy or Brazilian virgin Remy.


The Art of Managing Weave Hair Extensions


Your look can be significantly modified and your natural locks reasonably protected by hair weaving. Our Brazilian hair weave has the capability to alter your look since we are leading suppliers of authentic Brazilian extensions. You have to be very cautious about maintaining your hair weave in order to prevent it from losing them much earlier. Special care has to be taken at the time of washing or combing.


Some Useful Tips:


a)      Always use comb with wide tooth. Begin from the end and then gradually move towards the base.

b)      Hair should be combed only before using shampoo or washing.

c)      Hair should always be washed in mild water. Make sure the shampoo used by you does not contain alcohol, peroxide or silicon.

d)     Refrain from avoiding harsh or rough products for styling, conditioning or washing your mane.

e)      Avoid using products that contain alcohol in order to get shining locks.

f)       Use a satin or silk scarf for wrapping up your locks.


Advantages of Hair weaving


It helps in decreasing damages caused by regular styling to your original mane. No matter how healthy or strong your hair is, constant drying, brushing, strengthening and curling can cause severe damage, breakage and dryness to it after a point of time. With weave, your hair gets a much-needed break from this harmful routine thereby reconstructing its health and boosting its growth.


All about Coloring your hair


You can transform your look radically by opting for leading Brazilian hair color products. You can use chemical processes to change the color of your mane. It can either be “permanent” or temporary, which is usually referred to as “semi-permanent”. In the first type, your locks are permanently colored. However, since hair grows constantly and regularly, the color is bound to fade away eventually as new hair, that is obviously uncolored, emerges. Semi-permanent color, on the other hand, is not capable of giving your mane a long-lasting shine. We always advise you to use organic color since color does cause damage to your hair.


Method of Repairing Damaged Hair


It can be an arduous task to repair damaged mane. However, Brazilian hair products can be very helpful in mending your spoiled hair thereby giving you a brand new look.


Here are some useful tips for restoring damaged tresses:


  1. If you want to use heat, always make use of thermal protector.
  2. Use hair color that is either totally ammonia-free or low on it.
  3. Your hair conditioner should contain U.V. protector.
  4. Use comb with wide tooth. Never brush damp or wet hair.


How can Hair Extension be installed?


There are mainly three types of extensions. They are as follows:


  • Strandby strand: In this technique, small extension strands are attached or connected to tiny parts of your hair one by one by various methods. These include weaving, heat fusing, fastening with metal tubes and using polymers, gluing and waxes.
  • Weft: It makes use of long lines of various inches on which hair is attached already. It can be made either by machine or hand. The latter one is better because they can be customized easily to match your mane and suit your head.
  • Clip In: These can be clipped into your hair whenever you wish. It can be taken out at night before going to sleep.


We provide all this and much more. With the help of our Brazilian hair products, you can alter your appearance and enhance it manifold.

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