Testimonial by: Dapaah, Margaret of CAYMAN ISLANDS.
Date added: 19/07/2012
Just wanted to convey my heartfelt thanks and also inform you that you were so right! This hair indeed looks AMAZING and I JUST LOVE IT! I have just returned from my trip to Jamaica and it continues to look lovely! It feels so happy to have an extension that does not tangle and is a cakewalk to maintain. A lot of people have asked me about it and I have recommended you to all of them. The compliments do not seem to end really! Thank you again for delivering it to me at such a short notice before my trip! Unparalleled service!
Testimonial by: Qiana of California.
Date added: 17/07/2012
Title: Love it…=)
I purchased this hair for the first time in my life and I am in love with it…..the texture and shine is great…..I should also applaud your prompt and highly efficient customer service….the hair is totally free of tangles and I have not experienced any instance of shedding at all…..the only issue faced by me right now is that I am not able to straighten it properly…..but I guess it is only a matter of time because it is still very fresh….thus, no complaints from my end…..I totally adore it…..heartfelt thanks….. 🙂

Testimonial by:
Amel Osman of uk
Date added: 07/27/2011

Customer service is amazing and unparalleled. The hair is so beautiful; there is negligible shedding, no tangling issues and impeccable style manageability. There is only one small advice: bodywave is actually curlier than what I had expected. But, never mind since the hair itself is awesome and easily goes with any look. I have used Brazilian hair earlier too but this is the best as far as thickness and fullness is concerned especially if you consider its width down the weft length.

Testimonial by:
Veronica of Uk
Date added: 03/21/2012

Just wanted to let you know that the package has been received by me and I am highly impressed by the quality! I only faced a little issue with the delivery. Actually the package was shipped with a partial address because of which it got delivered to my neighbour’s house. Now, the person whom I had assigned to receive the hair had to furnish the email along with the tracking number in order to get hold of the package. Later, I saw that the address was specified as 26 Tate Road with no mention of the flat number.

However, all this confusion has been worth it since you accommodated my order swiftly and I am eternally thankful to you for that. I will definitely order again from you and also strongly recommend your site to others

Testimonial by:
Date added: 02/03/2012

Thanks a lot for delivering the hair ordered by me so fast. The hair has not been installed by me yet but I will definitely write back to you once I try them on. They are gorgeous to look at and appear so natural. They are also so soft. I am desperately waiting to install them. I was wondering whether I should order three bundles at a time but I think it is better to see how the two 4oz packs look. Thanks again for being so cooperative with the purchase.


Testimonial by:
Jennifer of Cincinnati, Ohio
Date added: 02/17/2012

THIS HAIR IS SO LOVELY…..I am a resident of Ohio and here, we do not have such Brazilian hair in any of the beauty supply stores. Thankfully, I chanced upon your website and thought of taking a chance. Though I have attempted Indian hair in the past, Brazilian hair suits me more because it blends so seamlessly with African American hair. I am extremely happy that I took the right decision by ordering from you. Your customer service is simply amazing and you can count me as your life-long customer. I have already planned to order the body wave next. Until then, take care and a big thank you 🙂

Jennifer of Cincinnati, Ohio

Testimonial by:
Judith Anyaeji of CAN
Date added: 04/21/2011

This is the first time I ordered Brazilian hair and I simply fell in love with it the first time I laid my eyes on it. The texture is so lovely and markedly different from the other weaves that have been used by me earlier. Thank you so much!

Judith Anyaeji of CAN

Testimonial by:
Teresa Wietzikoski of Atlanta GA
Date added: 05/19/2011

Just wanted to inform you I am really impressed with the hair. Though it’s not that curly, the texture is way better than the previous order that I had placed!! I am keen to place another order, the only thing I want to clarify before placing it is whether I can get the same hue. As per my knowledge, you sent me 1b. I prefer 2-14” and 1-16”. Please confirm so that I can go online and quickly place my order. Thank you!

Teresa Wietzikoski

Testimonial by:
nia of tacoma wa
Date added: 10/14/2011

I cannot describe the greatness of this hair in words but still I’ll give it a try! It involves absolutely no hassle, no shedding and no issues. It looks as if the hair has actually grown on my scalp. People are randomly stopping me and asking whether my hair is natural! Thank you for being patient with me. I will definitely be ordering more from you in the future.

Nia, Tacoma Wa

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